About Davin

Pain, suffering, and loss…

A personal compilation of emotions wrapped with and by a heart-wrenching bow known as McCoy’s sophomore effort, Whiskey Sexy.


Featured Video:

“The Letter” – featuring Jesica Ahlberg

Official music video "The Letter" written by Davin McCoy. The Band: Davin McCoy, Casey Crogan, Chip Jones, Brendan McMackin. Beautiful girl: Jesica Ahlberg


 Where'd ya get that suit? Gas station just south of valdosta, why? #bargain #whiskeysexy?
 Making music at the Wing!
 Cam newton must have been driving it like he stole it... #scamnewton
 #tbt ran into mr. Meltdown himself at sxsw a few years ago... Billy Jo
 Thankful for music too! Although she will not be allowed to hang out with musicians... EVER. (Except me)